What’s collective

In this workshop Public Recordings offers ways and means of making that promote shared agency in collaborative art making. Facilitated by Public Recordings Associate Artists and guests this workshop brings together practical elements and systems from our recent projects to explore these methods and articulate tensions between different conceptions of collectivity.

Through physical practice, sound-making, listening, writing, discussion and reflection, What’s collective offers participants a set of flexible tools, along with a space to consider how ways of working which emphasis collective process can produce positive outcomes– inside and outside of art.

Initiated by Liz Peterson, Evan Webber, and Christopher Willes. A project by Public Recordings. Partnerships in progress: Studio 303 and Buzzcut Festival.

Images: Public Recordings facilitating a workshop at the Gardiner Museum; 2017; photography by FAM (Feminist Art Museum). Below: Pictured are Prices Easy, Ellen Furey, Ishan Davé, Bee Pallomina, Christopher Willes, Heather Saumer in rehearsal; Photography by Polina Teif.
Upcoming presentations

Practical information
Who is this for: It’s for artists and arts professionals of all kinds (dance, music, visual arts, theatre etc.).
What’s the schedule: A typical workshop is 4-5 days (3h/day) and drop-in friendly. However, we can work with our presenting partners to create a schedule that makes sense in most contexts.
How much does it cost?  We work with our partner organizations to come to a participant fee that makes sense in each context. Generally we propose a weekly and a daily fee (drop-ins) and incorporate a sliding scale to reduce potential  barriers.