What’s Collective?

In this ongoing project Public Recordings offers a site to research ways and means of making that promote shared agency and authorship. A research space in which collective approaches to art making can be shared, examined, and renewed. Building on reading (and rereading) of Jo Freeman’s 1970 text “The Tyranny of Structurelessness”, a reflection on her experiences in the US Women’s Movement, What’s Collective? draws on the lived experience of participants, facilitators and antecedents to explore common issues in group work. 

Participants will explore practical elements and systems borrowed from both individual and shared practices of the facilitator team. Through discussion, physical practice, sound-making, listening, writing, and reflection, we will articulate different conceptions of collectivity, identify valences of practice, and consider how group processes can produce positive outcomes inside and outside of art. 

The format of this project extends out of a workshop developed by Public Recordings and partners and first presented January 2020 at Studio 303 (Montreal). Revisited in 2021 with support from the Love-In, What’s Collective? will be presented as and online exchange program. Participants and facilitators will come together weekly over six online sessions to ask the question: how can we make performance better, together? 

Facilitated by Brendan Jensen, Germaine Liu, and Bee Pallomina, Christopher Willes and Evan Webber. Devised by Liz Peterson, Christopher Willes and Evan Webber. Developed with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, The Toronto Dance Community Love-in, Milieux Institute / LePARC and The Centre for Expanded Poetics at Concordia University. Photographs: Christopher Willes. Design: Jeremy McCormick.

Upcoming presentations
Toronto Dance Community Love-In, March 2021
UK presentation TBA, 2021
Past presentations
Studio 303, Montreal, January 13-17 2020