Image: liz peterson

What’s Collective?

In this workshop Public Recordings offers ways and means of making that promote shared agency. Over five days, participants will explore practical elements and systems from some of our recent performance projects. Through physical practice, sound-making, listening, writing, and reflection, we will articulate tensions between different conceptions of collectivity and explore how they migrate across art forms.

Inspired by “Popular Education” philosophy, What’s Collective? seeks to emphasize the lived experience of participants as the catalyst for shared understandings to emerge. Beginning with a reading of Jo Freedman’s text “The Tyranny of Structurelessness”, What’s Collective? provides a space to consider how group processes can produce positive outcomes–– inside and outside of art.

Co-designed and facilitated by Liz Peterson, Evan Webber, and Christopher Willes. A project by Public Recordings. Developed with the support of the Milieux Institute / LePARC and The Centre for Expanded Poetics at Concordia University.

Upcoming presentations
January 13-17 2020
Studio 303, Montreal