performance encyclopaedia

Collapsing the notions of publication and performance creates a performance in the shape of a book.

A cast of artists write a book together about art-making and viewing over the course of a weeklong rehearsal process. They edit, print and bind the book together, then share it with an audience. After an hour, the writers take the books away. Every iteration of the performance encyclopaedia is an entirely new and revealing group effort, readable only in the highly contingent and social conditions of performance.

For the brief time it remains in circulation, it stages a present moment where reading is a convivial act and writing produces knowledge in the form of temporal and collective experience.

Created by Ame Henderson and Evan Webber with Shannon Cochrane, Frank Cox-O’Connell, Sherri Hay, Erin Shields, Malcolm Sutton and Jacob Zimmer. Design by Jeremy McCormick.

The Theatre Centre writer performers: Shannon Cochrane, Frank Cox-O’Connell, Sherri Hay, Ame Henderson, Erin Shields, Malcolm Sutton, Evan Webber and Jacob Zimmer.

Art Gallery of York University writer performers: Suzanne Carte, Emelie Chhangur, Janis Demkiw, Maggie Flynn, Ame Henderson, Emily Hogg, JP King, Michael Maranda, Olia Mishchenko.

Toronto Dance Community Summer Love-In writer performers: Andrea Cownden, lo bil, Allison Blakley, Robyn Breen, Wing Chan, Clara Chow, Mikaela Demers, Andrya Duff, Amelia Ehrhardt, Katie Ewald, Mairéad Filgate, Hannah Goldberg, Marcela Giesche, Ame Henderson, Vanessa Kimmons, Eroca Nicols, Merideth Plumb, Kelly Shaw, Ellen Soderhult, Shula Strassfeld and Evan Webber.

Art Gallery of Ontario writer performers: Lillian Allen, Ame Henderson, sandra Henderson, Johanna Householder, Jessica Karuhanga, Sean O’Neill, Jeremy McCormick, Lisa Myers, Bojana Stancic, Wanda Nanibush and Evan Webber.

Tokyo Performing Arts Meeting – Yokohama writer performers: Tomoyuki Arai, Ame Henderson, sandra Henderson, Manami Maeda, Jeremy McCormick, Helly Minarti, Prumsodun Ok, Kei Saito, June Tan and Evan Webber.

Australian Theatre Forum writer performers: Tomoyuki Arai, Joshua Campton, Penny Campton, Shannon Cochrane, Ame Henderson, Jane Howard,  Afeif Ismail, Philip Kavanagh, Aunty Katrina Power, Merlynn Tong and Evan Webber.

Produced by Public Recordings. Supported by the Theatre Centre, Nightswimming, Guernica Editions, Volcano Theatre.

Photos: Ben Searcy.

Iterative performance / publication (2013)
OzAsia / Australian Theatre Forum, Adelaide, Australia, Oct 5, 2017
TPAM–Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama, Japan, Feb 12, 2017
Art Gallery of Ontario, November 13, 2016
Toronto Dance Community Summer Love-In, Jul 3, 2015
Art Gallery of York University, Toronto, Feb 15, 2014
Theatre Centre, Toronto, Oct 23, 2013
Theatre Centre, Toronto, Jan 30, 2013 (premiere)