Manual for Incidence

Manual for Incidence is a performance project that begins as a collection of solos for seven performers from different places. After a while, the group of people – most of whom have never worked together and some who have never met – get together for a time to present these intimate portraits to each other, to discuss them, and to try to find a language to speak about what it all means (and how it feels).

Mostly, a structure for a conversation that hasn’t happened yet. And so, only about an intention to speak freely, to expose vulnerabilities, and to, with our audiences as witnesses and collaborators, grapple with the hard stuff and revel in the absurd.

Created by Daniel Arcé, Eric Craven, Chad Dembski, Katie Ewald, Claudia Fancello, Matija Ferlin, Erin Flynn, Stacy Hannah, Ame Henderson, Inari Salmivaara and Jacob Zimmer.

Dance / Performance (2005)
Darling Foundry, Quartier Éphémère/Studio 303, Montreal, June 4-5, 2005
XPACE Gallery, Toronto, May 26-29, 2005 (premiere)