Family is Like the Forest: A workshop with Daaimah Mubashshir

Public Recordings joins with artist duo Life of a Craphead to present a workshop with NYC-based playwright Daaimah Mubashshir. The Immeasurable Want of Light is Mubashshir’s new play created through the author’s daily practice of writing and reflection on Black bodies through the poetics of the star formation process, from dark matter to supernova.

Meeting the playwright’s refusal to reduce the complexity of her subject, this one-night work session aims to imagine the beginning of an equivalently complex production. Centering on a reading of Mubashshir’s The Immeasurable Want of Light, this workshop will practically explore how the elements of collaboration–site, duration, the aesthetic of the collaborators–impel writing into performance, and form into relevance.

Registration is limited and fees are on a sliding scale from $10-70. To register or for more information write to

Presented in partnership with FADO Performance Art Centre

“In this workshop we are hoping to excavate and unpack a funny and dense text regarding living in black skin. We will dive into the meaning of historical and cultural signifiers related to oppressed bodies. What happens when a soul frees itself from bondage? Is it threatening or inspiring to witness? During this workshop we will read the text aloud together and discuss the effects on both the listeners and performers.

We are looking for performative artists with a range of melanin levels—i.e. we’re super excited about darker skin folx; however, we have room for light skinned folx as well. This play has lots of characters so the more the merrier. Please note that this rehearsal will be engaged in a different way than most theatrical casting processes… Come with an open heart and mind.”

—Daaimah Mubashshir

Photographs by Kate Enman, Soho Rep Writer/Director Lab March 2018. The Chronicals of Cardigan and Khente featuring Jehan O Young and Kenard Jackson. Directed by Raja Feather Kelly. Images courtesy of Daaimah Mubashshir.
Upcoming Workshop
Wednesday, March 13
Registration is limited and fees are on a sliding scale from $10-70. To register or for more information write to