Family Is Like The Forest: Rehearsing The Immeasurable Want of Light

Public Recordings joins with artist duo Life of a Craphead to present a workshop with playwright Daaimah Mubashshir: one week of studio practice that builds on and refuses the form of rehearsal.The matter being rehearsed is Mubashshir’s The Immeasurable Want of Light, an episodic play created through a daily practice of writing and reflection on Black bodies through the poetics of the star formation process, from dark matter to supernova.

Meeting the playwright’s refusal to reduce the complexity of her subject, this exploratory workshop imagines an equivalently complex production. Practically, it explores how the elements of collaboration–site, duration, the aesthetic of the collaborators–impel writing into performance, and form into relevance.

Co-presented by Life of a Craphead.

Photographs by Kate Enman, Soho Rep Writer/Director Lab March 2018. The Chronicles of Cardigan and Khente featuring Jehan O. Young and Kenard Jackson. Directed by Raja Feather Kelly.

In development
March 2019
Workshop, Toronto