If nations are stories, then Marina Colomina and Liz Peterson can talk about national borders as catastrophes: ruptures of the rising action of both people and places. And if nations are stories then techniques to blur narratives as they unfold become transferable tools for survival. How do you get from one story about yourself into another? By crossing, entangling, punning, translating, adapting.

Colomina and Peterson’s work together began in Public Recordings’ 2013 production what we are saying. Their new collaboration employs classical Greek comedy as both origin and example of the primordial story of inside and out. The Clouds, Aristophanes’ fragmentary satire of Socratic philosophy, featuring a chorus of shape-shifting goddesses, acts as a revealing lens on the present meanings and ambiguities of being from somewhere, and going somewhere else.

Conceived and created by: Marina Colomina and Liz Peterson. In collaboration with: Marinda de Beer, Katie Ewald, Ame Henderson, Megumi Kokuba, Supriya Nayak, Kim Purtell, Evan Webber. Performed by: Megumi Kokuba, Supriya Nayak, Liz Peterson. Co-produced by Public Recordings and Events in Real Time. Developed with the support of L’Estruch, Fábrica de Creació de les Arts en Viu, Ajuntament de Sabadell and La Poderosa. Photos: Liz Peterson.

Performance / Theatre (in development)
Premieres 2019, Toronto
Presented in development at La Poderosa, Barcelona, Spain, December 17, 2017