Choreographies of Encounter

In this workshop shared practices are a site for investigation and encounter between participants.

Theory and practice, talking, doing and reflecting are interwoven threads of the process of making. Here, choreography is an expanded form – a flexible set of tools for time-based and relational interdisciplinary work. The workshop studio becomes a laboratory in which participating artists rigorously test their own systems of assigning value and meaning through and with their bodies. Participants will explore a collection of exercises to produce material and activate questions about the borders between sense and sound and physical gesture and utterance.

The workshop is ideal for practitioners from any background who are interested in exploring collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches to creation and investigating choreography as expanded practice.

Public Recordings is a group of experimental artists who work collaboratively – drawing on choreographic strategies, embodied action, language, sound, objects, framing and architectural space – to create a shared language for live performance. Through our ongoing facilitation, we expose our creative process not as something to replicate, but as an invitation to question embodied concepts in one’s work.

Choreographies of Encounter is co-facilitated by a group of artists from the what we are saying project, each bringing their own experience and interests to the processes they will share.

September 19 2016, Dovercourt House, Toronto
September 23 2016, White Water Gallery, North Bay
September 30 2016, Movement 42, Guelph
October 6 2016, Modern Fuel, Kingston